Daytrippers: Bottling Summer fun in Branford

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BRANFORD -- It is a beer experience and beyond.

That's the objective at Stony Creek Brewery. Just over two and a half years old, the Branford Brewery makes about 15 varieties of their beer but it's the visitor experience on their new property that people are raising their glasses for.

Ed Crowley, owner of Stony Creek, calls his property "a brew with a view", noting that it sits on the Branford River and is easily accessible, not just by car, but by boat.

"We have 160 feet of dock space here so boaters and kayakers can pull up to our dock seven days a week when we're open and just enjoy," said Crowley.

Crowley and Stony Creek Brewmaster Andy Schwartz explained that even though its a brewery there is a family vibe on the premises.

Schwartz said, "we really modeled it after English brew pubs from back in the day where the families met an you talked about the day, so families are totally welcome."

Crowley added, "we have bocce ball courts, corn hole is set up on the weekends, and we have food trucks out front."

The Stony Creek plan is to make their brewery a destination location in Branford, "aggressively laid back," Crowley added.

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