Home of Distinction – Insulation

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ANSONIA --  Welcome to FOX61's Home of Distinction by Lovley Development, showcasing the latest in materials, designs and decorating trends.

Sky Property Services of Ansonia is insulating the Southington show home.

"This year we’re doing open cell foam - it’s about 4.2 per inch. They’re 5 and half inch walls," said Ron Mickiewicz, CEO of Sky Property Services.

"Fiberglass, no matter how well you install it - there’s always some difficulty. with foam it fills the bay 100 percent so no air is getting through. It gets rid of all the leaks and you get better performance from it," said Ron Mickiewicz.

Open cell foam

"This is open cell foam. It has to be shaved down for sheet rockers to do it. We try to check our product sometimes," said Mickiewicz.

"When you pull it off the wall, you’re looking for any inconsistencies that could be a problem but you see how it’s so tight - no bubbles or holes so we know we’re having a good spray," said Mickiewicz.

Foam creates a quiet environment. It also helps homeowners save on heating and cooling bills.

"We’re an energy auditor. We’ll come out and look at the house - see what they really need and help them understand how the rebates can work for them and go forward to help make their home more energy efficient," said Mickiewicz.

For years, Sky Property Services has taken part in Home of Distinction.

"We do it to show what we do and get out there. It’s fun working with mark and the other people so it’s nice to get some exposure," said Mickiewicz.

Tours are coming in September and will benefit Bread for Life.