Owners of Aussakita Acres Farm make decision to appeal in an attempt to keep goat yoga

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MANCHESTER -- The controversy surrounding Aussakita Acres Farm’s goat yoga is continuing with the town. The owners have continued their fight to keep it and FOX61 recently learned the farm has been presented with an ultimatum.

The owners were given a choice to either appeal in 20 days or they will lose goat yoga. They said this all stemmed from a neighbor’s complaint. The owners then filed for a Freedom of Information Act request to get their hands on what the specific complaints were.

The owners said their neighbor just so happens to currently be on the Conservations Committee but formerly sat on the Zoning Board of Appeals. It was earlier this week when their neighbor gave them a specific time to appeal, but the owners said they never followed up.

That is when the owners said they went to the mayor and the town attorney. They told them they would prefer to not appeal in front of a board if their neighbor will be there.

Town Attorney Tim O’Neil issued a statement on this issue and said:

“All parties will be able to be heard on this matter and the Zoning Board of Appeals will  render a decision on this matter. This is how the process should play out under the state and local zoning laws.”

The owners have decided to appeal on August 30th at the Lincoln Center Building. They told FOX61 there will be a “peaceful protest” outside that day. A visit was also made to their neighbor’s home, but no one answered the door.