5 Connecticut residents among dozens made sick from papayas; 1 death in NY

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HARTFORD– Some 141 people in 19 states, including five in Connecticut, have been infected with salmonella as of August 11, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The strains of salmonella trace back to papayas imported from Mexico. The CDC recommends that consumers don’t eat Maradol papayas from the Carica de Campeche farm in Mexico.

One victim from New York died as a result of the outbreak.

The 19 states with confirmed cases are: Connecticut (5), Delaware (4), Iowa (2), Illinois (2), Kentucky (3), Louisiana (2), Maryland (8), Massachusetts (6), Michigan (1), Minnesota (4), North Carolina (3), New Jersey (27), New York (39), Ohio (1), Oklahoma (4), Pennsylvania (8), Texas (7), Virginia (14), and Wisconsin (1).

Bill Marler, food safety advocate and attorney, said this outbreak is the latest in what is proving to be an increasingly disturbing trend. Other recent food borne illnesses have been traced back to scallops, strawberries and other whole foods imported into the United States.