Neglected dogs in North Haven found in a shopping bag

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NORTH HAVEN -- Two dogs, which might have been neglected for months or even years, were brought in to North Haven's animal shelter Tuesday afternoon. And, they were brought to the shelter in an unusual way.

At approximately 2:30 Tuesday afternoon, two tiny teacup Chihuahuas were brought in to The Animal Haven shelter in North Haven in a shopping bag the man who turned them in said they were found in.

"I was shaken because I have never really seen an animal just in a bag before, especially wrapped up in plastic bags," said Kaitlyn Wahl, a kennel assistant.

The dogs were full of fleas and suffering from possible mange. A man and his daughter dropped them off.

"They said that they were shopping at the Target store in North Haven and when they came out of the store they saw a bag next to their car," said Jeff O'Donnell, a Board member of The Animal Haven, who took the two dogs from the father and daughter when they came in.

O'Donnell noted that "Often they are a lot more scared and they are afraid of people. These two are doing really well. So, that's a really good sign."

The manager of The Animal Haven gave the two female dogs, who will soon be available for adoption, the names of Amelia and Dharma.

"Unfortunately, we can't determine their age right now because of how bad their teeth are and that's how you would tell age," said Wahl.

The dental work could cost thousands of dollars each. They also need a good grooming, including their nails clipped. A veterinarian was due to examine the dogs Wednesday.

"The dogs at least do not appear to have been abused," O'Donnell said. "That's the good news. They just appear to have been neglected medically."

Police and animal control are investigating this case, including looking at surveillance video from Target and the shopping center parking lot.

If you'd like to help defray the medical expenses for Amelia and Dharma, you can log on to and click on the donate icon.

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