New Haven clergy want Trump impeached 

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NEW HAVEN -- Clergy in New Haven are not at all pleased with President Donald Trump's response to the tragedy in Virginia and they let him have it Wednesday.

Local ministers and community members gathered on the pulpit, inside the New Trinity Temple Church of God on Christ and they went at Trump throughout the press conference.

"We need to be very clear that we have a President who has signaled by his words and actions that he is a white supremacist," said Rev. Boise Kimber, of the First Calvary Baptist Church in New Haven.

This statement despite Rev. Kimber acknowledging that the President did denounce white supremacy two days after this horrific event. But, on the next day "he decided to change his mind that there are two sides. Both sides were wrong. So, he flip-flopped," contends Kimber.

Trump says both sides were to blame because the opposition showed up wearing helmets and carrying bats or clubs.

"It's obvious to us that we have a President, President Donald Trump, who is not the President for all people," said Bishop Charles H. Brewer, Jr. of New Trinity Temple Church of God in Christ.

And, Brewer says, this group of clergy could no longer stand silent.

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