Meriden tomb stones repaired good Samaritan

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MERIDEN -- In a random act of kindness, a Meriden man stepped in to fix a group of damaged tombstones.

Joe Curr is a self-proclaimed villain calling himself, the “Joker,” but his actions are anything but villain-like.

“I just knew they couldn’t be laying the way they were, it was just not right,” Curr said.  He walks by the St. Laurent Cemetary in Meriden often on his way to a friend’s house.  His walk was interrupted recently when he spotted the aftermath of a car crash.

“I made a complaint weeks ago actually and nothing ever happened, so I ended up taking matters into my own hands,” Curr said.

He discovered a total of six tombstones had either been knocked over completely or had been pushed back from their original location, including a pair who designated the resting spot of a husband and wife.

The headstones were very heavy, however, so Curr turned to a Meriden community Facebook page to ask for some help.

“Before I knew it everyone was like ‘where are you?’ ‘What`s the address?’ ‘We`re coming right now!’ ‘I got a brother that can help’,” he explained.

The offers to help all came from a series of complete strangers.  Some were just local residents, one was a 15-year-old, and another worked at a nearby cemetery.

Through the same community Facebook page Curr used to get the help, he received a “thank you” from a family member of one of the deceased who’s head stones he put back into place.

“It was really warming inside I guess, it really cheered me up,” Curr said.  He added his work is not complete, however, as he now visits the grave sights often to check up on his new “friends.”