Pet of the Week – Lady

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HARTFORD - Lady is a 6-year-old spayed Carolina dog.

She is dainty, clean, and very gentle, hence the name "Lady.

Lady has many qualities people love in a dog--she is obedient, undyingly loyal, and emotionally clingy. However, she is also very anti-affectionate. She accepts touch and petting from people she knows, but does not enjoy hugs or too much physical touch.

Lady is shy of strangers but will walk up to people and say hello if they say her name. Placing her into a forever home has been difficult because to her, prospective adopters are strangers, and she is hesitant to approach them.

She was originally abandoned by her owners on the roadside and came to Protectors of Animals through animal control. They placed her in a great home where she lived for 2 years, but unfortunately her and the other dog never got along and Lady was eventually returned.

Once she starts bonding with her family, she is an amazing dog. Attentive, obedient, loyal, and loving, Lady has a way of making you feel like the best person on Earth.

To learn more about Lady or other pets that need homes, contact Protectors of Animals.