Red Sox in favor of changing name of Yawkey Way due to racist practices of former owner: Report

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BOSTON, MA - APRIL 3: Fans walk down Yawkey Way before the opening day game between the Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Pirates at Fenway Park on April 3, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

BOSTON — The Boston Herald is reporting that John Henry, the current owner of the Boston Red Sox is in favor of changing the name of Yawkey Way due to the racist practices of the former owner.

The Herald reports Henry is haunted by the racist past of ownerTom Yawkey, who balked at hiring black players until well after it had become common practice in Major League Baseball. The Red Sox were the last team in Major League Baseball to bring on a black player. Yawkey or his family owned the Red Sox until 2002.

The story went on to say:

If it were up to Henry, he would rename the street “David Ortiz Way” or “Big Papi Way.” But before a new name is considered, the name change process needs to start with Henry and the one other Yawkey Way abutter petitioning the City of Boston for approval.

The street was named for Yawkey in 1977. The process must be started by the city of Boston, because it is a public street.

The Yawkey Foundation which administers charitable contributions in the Boston area, said in a statement the foundation “has always been colorblind” and “are disheartened to any effort to embroil them in today’s political controversy.”