College students open up pop-up sushi restaurant in NYC

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Ramen and Easy Mac have nothing on this kind of college diet.

Two college students from New York City started up their own sushi restaurant inside their dorm room, that would eventually lead them to open up a pop-up restaurant in their home city.

Ethan Cole and Jarrett Deutsch were freshmen students and roommates at Boston University when they opened up a sushi restaurant inside their college dormitory.

Their restaurant became widely popular on campus, with guests sitting on beds in the dorm and paying $35 to eat from a multi-course menu.

The success of the dorm restaurant led them to open up a pop-up restaurant for three days on New York City’s Lower East Side, headed up by world renowned chef Pecko Zantilaveevan.

As many as we could fit on one plate

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Yellowtail w yuzu micro-greens and pine nut puré #sushi

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Seared salmon, sherry onion puree and marinated tomato

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