New Haven emergency crews expect chemicals, find rainwater

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NEW HAVEN -- A welfare check ended with a neighborhood being blocked off for the better part of the afternoon Monday, for what turned out to be rainwater.

New Haven police were called to Rosette Street after a relative requested a welfare check for someone living there who was reportedly experiencing some personal issues.

In the process of police looking through the home, they found a number of ‘concerning’ materials often associated with the production of illicit/dangerous substances. They found blue barrels with pipes in and out of them, which were full of a dark liquid substance, and a white powder. The discovery prompted a request for warrant to search the premises and a call for the bomb squad remote robot.

Police said the homeowner was held in protective custody during this process, but he was not arrested or charged.

"He's telling us it's all water," says New Haven Fire Chief John Alston Jr. "He has rain collection on the outside but there's several barrels and connections and valves and tubes on the inside as well."

No bombs, drugs or chemicals of any kind were being manufactured in the home.

The determined the homeowner was collecting rainwater in these big blue barrels. The white powder was determined not to be dangerous. No arrests were made.