Farm Mark Twain bought for his daughter on market for $1.8M

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REDDING — A Connecticut farm once owned by Mark Twain is for sale for $1.8 million.

The the 18.7-acre property in Redding is next to Twain’s country home, known as “Stormfield.”

He bought it for his daughter, Jean Clemens, in 1909 and named it “Jean’s Farm.” Although she never had the chance to live there full time, when Jean returned from a sanitarium where she was treated for seizures, she would ride over to the farm daily to tend the animals she kept there and enjoyed spending time exploring the property.

Jean sadly died in 1909 after having a seizure in a bathtub, and Twain died five months later, in April 1910.

The real estate agency, William Raveis, says the house includes five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The property also includes a movie theater, saltwater swimming pool, fish pond and a barn built in the 1860s that includes an extra apartment.

It calls it a perfect Connecticut gentleman’s farm.

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