15 Scams to watch out for – Suspicious calls or messages

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Suspicious calls or messages —   Police in Avon sending out the alert after they say people in their town have gotten the suspicious calls — where the person on the other line asks if you can hear them.

Officers said  if you get this call, don’t even answer them and hang up. Scammers may be able to use your reply to steal your information.Police said to not answer the phone from numbers you don’t recognize and don’t give out personal information. They also said not to confirm your identity or answer questions.

Naugatuck police  are warning about a  phishing scam is targeting iPhone users via iMessage. Police warned, “An unsolicited messages are being sent via SMS to iPhone users, warning them that their “iPhone ID is due to expire today,” and that in order to “prevent loss of services and apps,” they should click the link provided in the text. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the link will lead to a remote web portal where the user is then asked to enter his or her Apple ID login credentials — opening the door to having all of their information stolen.”

Do not respond to the message. There is no iPhone ID.

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