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EXCLUSIVE: Protesters rally to Bridgeport Police Department to end police brutality

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BRIDGEPORT -- Police were on standby with barricades as protesters marched to the police department to send a message about police brutality after the May 9th incident involving 15-year old, Jayson Negron who was shot and killed by police.

Protesters marched from City Hall Park then to the steps of City Hall and then to the police department where officers had the doors blocked off for safety.

Police said Negron was behind the wheel of a stolen car and that car was a dangerous weapon that put an officer's life in danger which forced him to make a split second decision.

Jayson's sister and the protest organizer were eventually allowed inside the police department for a few seconds as they handed off a petition of signatures. They demanded the police chief and the officer who shot Negron be removed from their positions.

"Not only had he been shot multiple times in the chest but the officers handcuffed him, laid him on his chest, so I can't imagine what agony he was in when he died," said Camelle Scott-Mujahid of CTCORE-Organize Now!

A video was posted on Twitter by a family member shortly after the incident. It showed Jayson on the ground after he was shot.

When he died, his body was left in the street for hours.

"We are not accepting this. We have a right as a community to say who's policing us and how they're policing us," added Scott-Mujahid.

Jayson's sister said the out-pour of support from the community has been overwhelming.

"We have power and we can change what we don't like to see and what happened to my brother was something that I hope no one ever has to go through," said Jazzmarie Melendez, Jayson's sister.

Protesters announced a meeting Saturday at 9:30 p.m., at the Marriott in Waterbury to talk about criminal injustice.

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