Eversource contractors cause concerns at South Windsor salon

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SOUTH WINDSOR -- Last Thursday, the owner of Epic Salon in South Windsor said his business received a visit from two Eversource contractors, claiming the salon needed to pay a bill in full or have its power shut off. Owner Richard Toce said he received a call from his employees when it happened.

"I got a call from our front desk staff saying that there were two men representing Eversource, saying that they were here to turn off the power, and they were actually looking for full payment to leave the power on," said Toce.

Toce said the police were notified, and he immediately headed over to the salon, but the contractors had left before he arrived.

"They didn't have any paperwork in their hands," claimed Toce. "They were kind of standing there impatiently, from what the ladies tell me. And for them to not wait a matter of three minutes and say they were in a big hurry and couldn't hang around long enough for someone to show up was a really big red flag for us."

A staff member said the men pulled up in a sedan with New Jersey license plates and an Eversource sticker on the car door. A salon employee told FOX61 the men had no visible ID badges, did not identify that they were with Eversource, and never asked to see a meter. The employee added that they were there for less than five minutes.

Toce said all his salon's bills have been paid in full, and showed FOX61 his last payment as proof.

Eversource spokesperson Tricia Modifica said the situation was nothing more than a misunderstanding.

"They went there, said that they were from Eversource, and that they needed to access the utility room to shut off a meter for non payment," said Modifica.

Modifica said contractors hide ID badges under their safety vests for safety reasons, only showing them upon customer request. She said the contractors followed protocol, adding that asking for payment in person is against company policy.

"They don't ask for payment in the field," explained Modifica. "They don't have access or means to accept the payment. But, they recommend a customer call us to make a payment over the phone and avoid the shutoff."

Modifica said the contractors were in the salon for 10 minutes as protocol requires, and never intended to cut Epic Salon's power.

"They were not there to shut off Epic Salon or even interact with them," said Modifica.

Eversource said a manager went to the salon Wednesday afternoon to speak with the owner.

If a crew comes to your home, Eversource said to ask to see their official IDs. Real contractors will not ask for immediate payment up front, so do not pay in person. If you have any concerns, call Eversource at the number on your bill.