Home of Distinction offers fun and exciting mode of transportation in this “lifestyle community”

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HARTFORD - FOX 61's Home of Distinction by Lovley Development showcases the latest in materials, designs, and decorating.

This year's show home is located near a pool and golf course in Southington so Sarah Cody got a special look at the mode of transportation that will be used in this "lifestyle community".

Connecticut Trailers in Bolton has been around for 20 years primarily selling trailers, but got into the power sports about a year ago. In addition to trailers and snow plows, they now offer golf carts in tons of styles, colors, and sizes--with some even being electric powered as opposed to gas powered.

Although golf carts started out on just the golf course, they have transitioned to people's homes and communities, being used as a fun and exciting way to get around.

Tours will be taking place from September 29 through October 1 and will benefit Bread for Life.

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