Specially trained CT medics headed to Houston

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WATERBURY -- So many local organizations are helping Houston heal.

That includes New York based Operation Endeavor, whose five member team includes two men from Connecticut with extensive paramedic and rescue backgrounds.

Responding to the inundation and devastation, resources are flowing into Houston from all across the world. And tomorrow Operation Endeavor will touch down in Texas, offering emergency medical response.

"We're also going down prepared for search and rescue," said Lawrence Smira, an EMT with the Cornwall Volunteer Fire Department, who is also a member.

"We have a zodiac rescue craft that we are going down prepared with, Head lamps, day and night, we are ready to tackle all the people that are still out there," Smira said.

But, given their vast training, they will assist in any way necessary.

"We are prepared to take care of the people stuck in the flooding. We are prepared to take care of the emergency responders."

It becomes easier to take care of those in need as each of the five team members will be carrying an individual first aid kit, which includes many life-saving devices.

"This special tourniquet can actually help to compress and stop the bleeding by applying it and then twisting locking in place," said Stuart Hirsch, President of Operation Endeavor.

In Houston, they will be collaborating with rescue crews from all around the world.

"In fact, I was in touch with friends of mine, who are in rescue, in Israel and they are actually on the ground today," said Hirsch.

And, as a Marine Corp veteran, Smira says this is a very important mission to him.

"I've always been outside of the United States serving in Afghanistan and this is an opportunity to serve at home," he said.