Waterbury PD: Teen shot by police behind wheel of stolen car In March, arrested again for car theft

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WATERBURY —  Back in March, a Waterbury officer shot 18-year-old Ra’Shamel Rogers twice after he took off with a stolen car and hit a police cruiser.

Earlier this month, the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing. On Wednesday police said Rogers has been arrested where he is accused of stealing more cars.

Fernando C. Spagnolo, Deputy Police Chief of Waterbury Police Department, said detectives were attempting to serve an arrest warrant for Rogers for operating another stolen vehicle and being involved in a hit-and-run accident last Friday.

Spagnolo said Rogers was in an area in the northwest corner of the city when he engaged police and hit a police cruiser and then fled on foot.

“Officers were not able to capture him that night but we were able to identify him through officers observations and evidence we found on scene,” said Spagnolo.

Spagnolo said when they were attempting to arrest him, they found him in another stolen vehicle (Honda) out of Fairfield. Police were able to get an arrest warrant from him where he facing several charges including evading responsibility and larceny.