Ric Flair, wrestling legend, wants the world to know he ‘ain’t dead yet’

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HARTFORD – The wrestling legend posted the message to social media on Saturday, thanking his fans for their constant support during a rough couple of weeks.

“The Nature Boy” was sent to hospital earlier this month for severe abdominal pain and underwent emergency colon surgery.

The hospital removed a blockage that was the “catalyst” for several different health issues, including kidney failure, according to the Wrestling Observer.

“Hey, to all my fans out there, let it be known worldwide that Nature Boy — WOO! — is back up and running, looking as only I can look. I want to tell all my fans out there, thank you for all the love and support. And I will see you in the very, very, very, very, very, very near future. WOO!,” said Flair.

Following the surgery, Flair said he was doing “very well” and is set to begin physical therapy. Flair is as a 16-time WWE world champion and is one of the most iconic wrestlers in history.