Connecticut BBB Alert: Beware of scam opiate treatments

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CROMWELL — ¬†Connecticut Better Business Bureau warns consumers that con artists are peddling useless home-based detoxification products.

A regulator said Caitlin Enterprises has made claims about its products that were false and unsupported by scientific evidence.

“According to the FTC’s charges, this company was cashing-in on addiction to heroin and painkillers,” said Connecticut Better Business Bureau spokesman Howard Schwartz. “Millions of Americans suffering from addiction are looking for help to end their physical dependence. There is no quick fix, and con artists are peddling useless products, claiming they can help make the detoxification process easier. They need help, not empty promises.”

According to the FTC complaint against Caitlin Enterprises, the company claimed that its products alleviated the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, and significantly increased the likelihood of sufferers overcoming addiction.