Young girls playing hide-and-seek locate missing urn containing boy’s ashes

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MISSOURI – A Missouri family were en route to Texas for a funeral, when they noticed that their son’s urn containing his ashes were missing.

“Somewhere along the way he was lost. We travel with him when we leave home so he is always with us,” said mother Jennifer Kemp on her Facebook page.

She said she are not sure when her son’s ashes went missing, but they realized they weren’t in their bag when they got home.

Jennifer Kemp posted a photo of her son’s urn on Facebook where it was shared more than 25,000 times.

“I am hoping FB can be used to reach people and places I can’t reach,” she said in the original post.

On Saturday, Kemp said two little girls were playing hide-and-seek in a hotel room and found the urn tucked away in the corner of a hotel room.

“Thanks to two little girls who were playing hide-and-seek, he has been found! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for the prayers and keeping this post going. We can be together again!,” said Kemp.