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Hurricane Harvey rescue dogs looking for new homes in Connecticut

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NEWINGTON -- In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, 22 shelter dogs from Texas were trucked up to Connecticut over the weekend.  The dogs arrived to the Connecticut Humane Society in Newington late Labor Day evening.

All of the dogs did not have owners in Texas and were previously living in shelters in there before making the journey up north.

“So what’s going on is those facilities in Texas now, is they need room to house pets who do have families and are looking to reunite with them,” Susan Wollschlagar, communications director for the Humane Society, said.

Tuesday, the dogs were already getting attention from potential new owners, including Pete Norton from West Hartford.  He and his wife went to the Humane Society to try and get a chance to meet some of the dogs.

“Yeah, I know they had a hard time so you feel sorry for them and I want to try and give them a good home,” Norton said.

The Humane Society said, however, the dogs are not ready to be adopted out just yet.  They are still being quarantined, which is a requirement by both state law and the facility’s policies.

The dogs spent their first day in Connecticut taking in the new sights and smells and getting medical and behavioral evaluations.

“We take note of who needs to be spayed or neutered, where are we on vaccinations and updating them, any other conditions that might be going on,” Wollschlagar said. She went on to say that some of the dogs may have arrived with medical issues that could take longer to manage than others, which means when each dog will be available for adoption will be decided on a case by case basis.

“We want to be sending them home healthy or if there’s somebody that has a chronic conditions we want it managed and under control,” Wollschlagar added.

In the meantime potential owner, Norton, said he is willing to wait to see if any of the dogs might become the newest addition to his family.

“I’m a dog lover, had a few dogs and looking for another one.  The dog usually picks me,” Norton said.

The Humane Society said when the dogs are settled in and ready for adoption their information and picture will be posted to their adoption website, which updates in real time.  They also recommend, with any adoption, families come in and spend time meeting the new dog to make sure everyone gets along.

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