Primed for an Autumn pop

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HARTFORD -- These days green leaves surround us all over state forests and towns but the more colors are coming, just ask the man known as the "Foliage Czar". Chris Martin, the Director of Forestry for the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, said he expects this Fall to be memorable for foliage.

"Things have really been shaping up nicely," Martin said. "We came out of that terrible drought from last year and the temperatures, until recently have cooled down."

With reds, golds, even purples expected on the trees, Tim Sullivan, the deputy commissioner of the state Department Of Economic and Community Development said, "The better the foliage season, the more people will come and they longer they will stay."

Sullivan remarked that tourism is a $15 billion  industry annually in Connecticut and the leaf peepers play prominently into that equation. "Fall is probably Connecticut's best look so it's a great time to see the state."

To see an interactive map of what's expected in the leaf season ahead click here.