The Trinity to reopen if building deemed structurally sound

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NEW HAVEN --  Still no word as to the cause of the Friday fire that gutted an apartment building and caused considerable damage to a popular bar.

Even though it has been four days since the devastating Orange Street blaze, it has not yet sunk in for the owners of the Trinity Bar and Restaurant, which is a business they have built over the past two and a half years.

"It's going to take a long time," said Trinity co owner Eddie Higgins. "It's like a bad nightmare."

On Saturday, the owners met with insurance folks, set the other owner, Shane Carty.

"But, it was a long weekend, with Labor Day. So, today we are hoping to find out a lot more," Carty said.

The only thing confirmed by fire investigators is that the fire started in a second floor apartment and not in the first floor restaurant.

And, while things look bad on the surface, there could be good news for the Trinity.

"We are just suffering from smoke damage and water damage.," said Carty. "We have no fire damage at all."

So this dynamic duo remains 100% focused on re-opening.

"We are just waiting to see for the integrity of the building," said Carty.

But, they will also not cut corners.

"There will be a bit of construction because we are afraid of mold growing in there now," said Carty.

Aside from a loyal clientele, the Trinity owners would like to stay put because they've built a camaraderie with neighboring businesses.

"The neighborhood, they are banding together.," said a smiling Higgins. "They want to see us back."

And, ownership feels a real responsibility to their 22 staffers.

"You know, I have a child. There is another girl that works in there, she's got a kid going to school. This is our livelihoods," said Carty

While it is tattered, the Irish flag still flys probably and prominently above the Trinity, which brings smiles to the faces of Higgins and Carty.

"We are a resilient bunch and we will be back," predicted Higgins.

And Carty's wife, who runs the bar in the restaurant, can't wait.

"The wife is stuck at home with me. Now, she doesn't know what to do with me," said Carty.