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FARMINGTON — The crippling floods in Texas left by the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey have been enough to keep Red Cross chapters busy all across the country.

Now comes word that the monster storm known as Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida and perhaps points beyond the Sunshine State. With two major storms in about two weeks, local Red Cross leaders are deluged with work and humanitarian efforts. “It really is unprecedented, we’ve never seen flooding like we saw in Texas,” said Jon Basso, the director of emergency services at the Red Cross in Farmington. “And Irma could be equally as bad.”

Richard Branigan, the chief program officer at the Red Cross of Connecticut and Rhode Island said already chapter workers and volunteers are helping the efforts of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and a dozen have been sent to Orlando, where they will stage, in advance of Hurricane Irma. “I think the severity of these storms back to back is something we haven’t seen in a long time — maybe ever,” Branigan said.

At present, the Red Cross is training more volunteers to help with the relief missions —  usually at their Farmington headquarters on Tuesday, Thursday, and some Saturdays. To find out more about how to volunteer or donate to the relief efforts click Redcross.org

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