Daytrippers: Hot on the trail of the Connecticut Fire Museum

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EAST WINDSOR -- The Connecticut Trolley Museum isn't the only main attraction in East Windsor.

On the same grounds, but on the other side of the tracks -- literally -- is the Connecticut Fire Museum. Nearly 50-years-old, the Fire Museum showcases 16 old fire trucks from every era and historical items from vintage fire stations.

"It's really like you're back in time," said Gina Maria Alimberti, from the CT Trolley Museum.

Bert Johanson, president of the Fire Museum said, "it's a chance to see fire trucks, long gone away."

From a fire truck that dates back to the 1920's, to models from the 1950's -- some which still run -- people agree there's an appeal to the collection.

Alimberti added, "kids love fire trucks and when you can actually sit on a fire truck it all comes together."

The fire museum is located at the Connecticut Trolley Museum and costs $10 for adults and $7 for kids. With admission, you get to check out both the trolley and fire museum.

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