Eversource crews head to Florida to help keep power going after Hurricane Irma

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BERLIN -- As Hurricane Irma is expected to make its devastating landfall in Florida, many people in Connecticut are doing what they can to help.

At Eversource headquarters in Berlin, about twenty line-workers and employees gathered to drive bucket trucks down to Florida. They were joined by other employees from Eversource in New Hampshire and Massachusetts who are also heading down. About 100 employees in total are headed to help Florida residents get their power restored.

"Without power for a long time life could be pretty lousy," said Mike Begley, a line supervisor for Eversource heading down to Florida.

The drive should land them in Florida at about Sunday night, and they are planning on staying down for two weeks.

"I'm wondering what we're going to run into. The drive down there is gonna be pretty much the easy part of my trip," Begley said.

Eversource is a member of the industry's mutual aid network. Many other energy companies in the path of Hurricane Irma have reached out to send extra workers and resources too.

And while Eversource is going down today many people had a hard time getting out of the Sunshine State.