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Quinnipiac students from Florida describe current Hurricane Irma conditions

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HAMDEN – Some parts of Florida have already been slammed with strong wind gusts and heavy rainfall starting this afternoon and it will only intensify within the next few hours.

Two Quinnipiac University students originally from Florida have been in constant communication with their families with hopes they will be okay

“They had to wait in line for propane for like two, three hours just for the grill. All the schools there are shut down,” said Tyler Liotta of Sarasota.

Liotta said all day, his family in Florida have been sending him pictures and videos of the current conditions.

“I’ve talked to a few of my buddies. They’re definitely nervous. They’ve never had to do this,” added Liotta.

Liotta’s dad is a general contractor who owns several properties and he has had to halt all operations for an unknown period of time. While Liotta said he has been talking to his dad all day, he said it is still unsettling to know he is not with him during this tough time.

“It’s definitely very scary just because I’m not there firsthand and so I can only see through social media or what my dad tells me is going on so not being there is kind of tough on myself,” added Liotta.

Another Quinnipiac student also experiencing similar concerns is Lacey Ventura. She is from Boca Raton and said when she was younger, she remembered Hurricane Wilma and the severe damage it left.

“I’ve been through all of the hurricanes when I was there and now just watching and seeing my friends get nervous and my parents preparing and stuff,” said Ventura.

She said her friends have been in panic mode as this is the first time they have been through this.

“I think it is panicking mostly. I know a lot of my friends are extremely nervous but some people think because they’ve been through it before, we already know what it’s going to be like type of thing,” added Ventura.

Her uncle originally from Naples was evacuated to Orlando but eventually, Lacey said she is well aware the entire state will be left a mess.

“I just hope everyone is safe and everyone gets through it alright,” added Ventura.

This is just the beginning of Hurricane Irma as it is expected to make its way throughout the entire state of Florida. Be sure to stay with FOX on air and on the app for the latest conditions.