People save manatees marooned in drained bay 

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Two manatees were stranded after Hurricane Irma sucked the water out of Sarasota Bay, in Florida’s Manatee County.

Michael Sechler posted that the animals were far too massive to be lifted, so they gave them water.

Marcelo Clavijo posted that a group of people eventually loaded the manatees onto tarps and dragged them to deeper water.

He wrote:

Getting a lil stir crazy so we went for a ride and Went to check the bay at the end of Whitfield the tide was sucking the bay dry which stranded 2 manatees on the flats so we went for a ride and ended up saving 2 manatees with a hand full of people and 2 of manatees finest that were knee deep in mud right next to us it was a pretty cool experience, we rolled them on the tarp and then dragged them a 100 yrds it was crazy, now back to reality of a hurricane coming #manateelivesmatter