Hazmat incident at Yale said to be under control

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NEW HAVEN — A hazmat incident at Yale University has been brought under control.

The New Haven Fire Chief tweeted the incident involving chemicals was under control shortly after 5 p. m.

The chemical accident occurred at the Yale University Chemical Research Building, located on 275 Prospect St. Officials said a  27-year-old student was working in one of the labs and handling different chemical mixtures, including a nitric acid mixture..

The student picked up a bottle he thought was empty, however it was not, according to officials. This bottle had traces of a lab substance containing a volatile chemical mixture – the bottle itself was also overpressured. Due to the pressure build-up, the bottle broke and splattered all over the student. Small specks were sent flying everywhere. Minor traces went all over the room, so DEEP was called in to assist.

The spill itself is still considered minor, but because it got onto the victim’s outer clothing he was transported to a hospital. The student is doing fine, they suffered no life-threatening injuries.The building was built back in 1954, but has been modernized for safety (specifically for dealing with these types of incidents).

The lab’s ventilation system is designed to reduce the spread from accidents involving hazardous chemicals.

A crew is heading to the scene and will provide the latest information when it becomes available.