4 CCSU football players arrested following off-campus party; suspended 1 game

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NEW BRITAIN —  Several members of the Central Connecticut State University football team were arrested Saturday following an off-campus party.

In a police report, police said they responded to Roxbury Road after complaints of a loud college party around 11 p.m. Police said when they arrived, they saw several people entering and exiting the location which was within close proximity to CCSU and became apparent it was a college party.

“The party was loud as numerous people were yelling and screaming. An anonymous neighbor complaint across the street could hear people yelling ‘chug, chug, chug’,” said police.

Police said there appeared to be students at the party that were between the ages 17-19-years-old.

“Some of the students began to drop beer bottle/cans on the ground and walking towards the exit after they saw officers on scene,” said police.

As officers were breaking up the party and determining who lived at the address, linebackers Randall Laguerre, 21 and Kenneth Keen, 21, also of 64 Roxbury Street, were found behind closed doors in two separate rooms. Police said both admitted to living in the building but denied knowing anything about the party.

Police said an intoxicated 20-year-old woman was found in Keen’s bedroom. Police said they had been to the same address on September 2 and issued tickets to Keen and two others, also for a loud party.

Police arrested five residents of the house: Wide receivers Chika Chukwu, 20, of Glastonbury, and Jose Garcia, 21 of New London; Laguerre, Keen and Luke Ocasio, 22, of Wethersfield. They were charged with second-degree breach of peace and permitting a minor to possess alcohol.

Keen and Laguerre are two of the Blue Devils’ leading tacklers and Garcia is one of the team’s top receivers.

University Spokesperson Mark McLaughlin, issued the following statement:

Central Connecticut State University officials have completed their review of the September 9 incident involving four CCSU student-athletes. In line with University policies they have suspended the Blue Devil football players for one game, to be served on September 16.  The players are required to perform 10 hours of community service. And they are also required to complete one of the University’s alcohol awareness programs.

CCSU takes its commitment to being a good neighbor seriously. We also believe it is our responsibility to educate our students about being good citizens, whether they are on or off campus.

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