CCSU student speaks out at rally in light of his parents’ expected deportation

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NEW BRITAIN – Students and teachers rallied Thursday evening to speak out against President Donald Trump’s removal of DACA.

A rally was held at Central Connecticut State University in response to President Trump’s immigration policies.

One of the speakers is a student at Central – he shared a very powerful speech and said his parents are set to be deported on September 29 and he has asked for support from the community.

“It’s been extremely stressful. Words can’t explain what they’re feeling, what we’re going through," said Erick Ramos, whose parents are set to be deported.

Erick has an older brother, Jason. They were born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Connecticut in 2004.

Their parents are originally from Ecuador and they came to the United States in 1992. They have shared many happy memories since their move, but those memories could quickly come to an end.

“My mom has been very sad. Crying every night and that’s what’s hard on me as a son,” added Ramos.

Ramos said his parents have not committed any crimes and when they were told about the deportation, he said his parents were extremely devastated.

The rally consisted of Central students and teachers and members of the social activism club called “Change.” They marched around campus and demanded the president revisit his immigration policies.

“No human being is illegal,” said Mark Ojakian, President of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities.

This was the first rally of the semester and organizers said they hope to shed light and educate everyone on the most recent immigration issues.

“People do not think about the right thing to do,” said Zulma Toro, President of Central Connecticut State University.

“Here in New Britain being very diverse, I think that it should be an issue that everyone is talking about,” said Jose Diaz, President of Change.

“They’re innocent people who have to escape their countries because there’s no resources and what are you supposed to do when there’s no resources?” said Victor Constanza, Vice President of Change.

“I’m here to take care of them. They’ve taken care of me to all this point. Now it’s my job to take care of them bac,” added Ramos.

The family is expected to hold a vigil next Friday outside of their home in Meriden. Stay with FOX 61 for the latest on this story.