Travelers opens CAT center to help Hurricane customers

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WINDSOR -- A thousand miles from the wreckage left by Hurricane Irma, the team from Travelers Insurance is getting their plans in place.

The insurance giant has opened their National Catastrophe Claim Center at the office building known as Claim University.

"This is where is all comes together," said Don Florek, the VP of catastrophe response at Travelers. "We want to understand how customers are impacted and we want to understand how best we can help by getting the right resources to the right locations as quickly as possible."

The Cat Center looks like a sort of mission control with flat screen panels adorning the walls showing metrics and data, allowing the Travelers team members to assess situations and assist from Connecticut to wherever their agents are in the field.

Jim Wucherpfennig, a VP of property claims with Travelers said, "We are built for this, to respond to events and customers in need and this is what we do."

Wucherpfennig noted that Travelers has dispatched three mobile claim offices -- giant Winnebagos -- that are serving their clientele on-site in hurricane hit areas in Georgia and Florida. "We want to be there to help our customers when they need it most and that's right now," he said.