Woman defecated on estranged husband’s toothbrush say Ansonia police

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ANSONIA — Police arrested a Milford woman after they said she defecated on her estranged husband’s toothbrush in violation of a protective order.

Leslie Laing, 48, of Milford, turned herself in and was charged with violation of a protective order, and released on a $1,000 bond and is scheduled to appear Friday in Derby Superior Court.

Police said they received a complaint from Laing’s estranged husband that she tampered with his personal property. They said Laing had been the subject of a protective order from a previous domestic violence arrest involving her estranged husband. Investigators said Laing was getting property from her soon to be ex-husband’s home when she put what appeared to be feces on his toothbrush. Police seized the toothbrush and obtained a DNA sample from Laing.

Police said, “Laing’s DNA sample and the toothbrush were sent to the state lab where testing of the suspected feces showed a match to Laing’s DNA sample. “