2 men charged in killing of bears in Connecticut

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Black bear. (file photo)

WILTON — Connecticut authorities say two men have been arrested and charged in connection with illegally killing bears.

Environmental officials received an anonymous tip Saturday that an archery hunter had illegally shot and killed two black bears on private property in Wilton.

Authorities say environmental conservation officers found 28-year-old Antonio Lio carrying a bear skin, head and paws in a backpack. Thirty-three-year-old Daniel Moran was with him.

Lio told the officers he shot a bear and then killed a second that approached him. He says Moran helped him retrieve them.

Lio, of Wilton, is charged with illegally taking black bears and negligent hunting. Moran, of Norwalk, is charged with conspiracy to commit the illegal taking of a bear. Both were released on bonds.

It wasn’t immediately known if they have lawyers.