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Stonington keeping a close eye on Jose

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STONINGTON  -- The ocean view from the back lawn of St. Edmund's Retreat is breathtaking, with the exception of a gaping hole in the seawall.

Super Storm Sandy, just five years ago, breached the wall, which sits on Enders Island, near Stonington.

"It left us with the traces of a seawall that was built between 1938 and 1942 and it's remnants flew up about 50 yards on the hill from us here," said Chris Rixon, a heavily involved with the retreat.

He says the US Army Corps of Engineers, within the next year, may begin construction of a revetment, which is a series of stones with a combination of angles and tables that would connect to the existing wall.

The combination of the slopes, and the depths and the widths will, in fact, dissipate wave activity..

Several miles from Enders Island, sits the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club, where a breakwater allows seawater to wash right over it during ocean storms.

"And it's pretty frightening and so boats are usually lined up right along that dock," said Joe Williams of the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club.

In nearby Groton, high winds caused tree limbs to fall on power lines, leaving 1000 people were without power.

The area most affected was south of Rainville Avenue.  Power was just restored at 3:25 p.m.

The Stonington town dock was full of fishing boats Tuesday, which was not good news.

"I'm going to have a hard time getting fish at the end of the week," said Paul Butterfield of the Fish Market in Willimantic. "So, I'm trying to get what I can now so I have something to sell."

And, if the fishermen are not out "nobody's making any money," said Butterfield. "Nobody is working. Everybody here, the guys unloading the trucks, everybody, it effects everybody down the line."

The Stonington Harbor Yacht Club is hoping Jose takes a hard right out to sea because there is a regatta scheduled for this weekend.


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