Wethersfield’s ‘Kevin’ the turkey gaining celebrity status

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WETHERSFIELD --  Thanksgiving is still two months away, but there’s one turkey that is now creating a lot of buzz in one Connecticut community.

In recent weeks “Kevin” the turkey has made himself at home in Old Wethersfield along Main Street. The quiet community of Old Wethersfield does not often have their feathers ruffled, but “Kevin” has brought all kinds of attention to the Main Street stretch.

“He’s kind of a local celebrity,” said Megan Kirk, owner of the Old Wethersfield Country Store. "He’s basically a phenomena, people come by they drive by him and everyone’s always talking about him.”

The turkey has attracted so many people’s attention, gaining his own line of sweet treats, coffee mugs, beer mugs, and wine glasses.

“We actually had people waiting outside Saturday morning before we opened just to purchase some of the merchandise,” Kirk said.

“To be honest he’s like a pseudo Mayor, mascot, life of the party of Old Wethersfield,” said Wethersfield resident, Deborah Hammer.

“Kevin” the turkey even has his own Facebook page called Fans of the Wethersfield Turkey, where posts of pictures and videos of “Kevin” sightings stream in hour by hour.

“It’s fun, he’s got good buzz, he makes people happy,” Hammer said.

“A lot of people stop, take pictures, shoo him along and try to help us out keeping him off the road,” Lt. Donald Crabtree, of the Wethersfield Police Department, said.  He went on to say the turkey has been in town for several months, but has moved to a much safer location in recent weeks.

“He spent a lot of time at the intersection of Route 3 and Spring Street which caused a lot of traffic issues,” said Lt. Crabtree.  He went on to say, “We were working with DEEP in regards to trying to get him off of Route 3 and to try to relocate him to a farm, but that has since subsided.”

“Kevin” is most often spotted in the yard in front of the First Church of Christ on Main Street in Old Wethersfield.  He also commonly walking along Main Street or hangs out in the cemetery behind the church.

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