Republicans, Democrats, Governor, touting pros and cons of GOP budget plan

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HARTFORD -- The deadline of October 1st, the date in which Governor Malloy's executive orders go into effect, is nearing with no sign of an approved budget coming.

"I think one of the most egregious things in the budget is what it does to higher education and scholarship programs for that matter," said Malloy at a press conference Wednesday. "This budget would require the closing of schools, of programs, the elimination of scholarships to students who are living in poverty or near poverty."

The Republican budget features a proposed cut to UConn worth $240 to $300 million depending on the source of the number.

"I get it they don't like it," said State Senator Len Fasano, Senate Republican President Pro Tempore, "That hurts municipalities, that hurts the state of Connecticut."

Republicans are scheduled to meet with the Governor on Friday. No bi-partisan talks or negotiating sessions were scheduled as of Wednesday afternoon.