Daytrippers: The World of Doctor Seuss Museum hits home in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD -- It's not just Horton who has heard a "Who" if you've visited the sprawling campus of the Springfield Museums lately, chances are you've heard a Who too.

The latest and most highly anticipated addition to the quad at the Springfield Museums is The World of Doctor Seuss Museum, which  opened in June and now fans of the famed children's books are flocking to see the exhibits.

"The museum tells the story of Ted Geisel growing up in Springfield," said Kay Simpson, president of the Springfield Museums. "You feel like you're actually walking into his stories and seeing the characters you love."

The Cat in the Hat, Horton, and both Thing 1 and Thing 2 are easy to find on the three floors of the Seuss Museum which showcases interactive exhibits and some historical keepsakes donated by the Geisel family.

John Simpson, the museum's artistic director said, "we have Dr. Seuss' actual studio and his sitting room and all these amazing drawings and documents."

The museum leaves out Geisel's earlier works, those from his more controversial days as a political cartoonist, the museum execs noted their exhibits are geared for the kids.

And whether you're a fan of Green Eggs and Ham or not, they say expect a storybook ending.

Kay Simpson added, "we want to cultivate (visitors) appreciation of Dr. Seuss, a really creative genius who grew up right here in Springfield."

The Springfield Museums are a group of five museums and the admission fee covers all the buildings including the Seuss Museum.

Adults cost $25, Seniors are $16.50 and Kids 3-17 cost $13.