Emergency response crews assist in Hurricane relief in Florida, Puerto Rico

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FARMINGTON --  Four emergency response vehicles left Connecticut to help with Hurricane Irma recovery efforts, on Thursday. The Farmington headquarters has previously sent five other vehicles to help with relief from both Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

After the storm made landfall, the American Red Cross, and a large team began a massive relief response. They have provided safe shelter, food, and comfort to those who have been affected by the storms.

Red cross cars have been driving all over affected neighborhoods in Florida to deliver meals, and supplies to people cleaning up their homes. They have also been meeting with those still living in shelters to help them to help them regain a sense of normalcy.

Debra Moroney and her husband James, are two of the eight people driving down to Florida. The two are volunteering for the first time now that they are retired.

“You never have the time really to take two weeks from your job to be able to go, and help people but now we have the opportunity," says James Moroney.

Debra says this has been a dream of hers for quite some time.

“I’ve been dying to do this for years," says Debra Moroney. “We finally are retired, we love to drive, so we were like let’s go and help.”

Also helping for the first time is Joesph Brockway.

“I was following the storm as it was passing through the island and watching videos of the devastation and I just knew I wanted to go down there and help the red cross," says Joseph Brockway.

Joseph has watched his husband, Neil, get deployed to dozens of disasters over the course of the last decade. Neil works as the regional disaster officer for the American Red Cross, and says giving back is in his nature.

“It’s something that you can’t say no to," says Neil Brockway. "I'm a life long humanitarian, and when there's need out there you gotta go.”

The Brockways are heading to Puerto Rico to help with recovery efforts following catastrophic Hurricane Maria.

All of these people, are just a few of the many others who give back to the community in times of need.

“To see people from across the country leave their homes and their families and their lives to help people that they have never met before is truly inspiring," says Stephanie Arcangelo, chief communications director for the American Red cross. "That’s the power of the American red cross.”

To find out how you can give back go here: (can we please link to red cross page thanks)