PD: 1 person dead after gunshot would to the head; 2nd victim grazed by bullet

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HARTFORD --  Police said one person died following a gunshot wound to the back of the head while in a car Friday evening.

Hartford police said they responded to 16 Durham Street around 7 p.m. after reports of a victim shot. In addition to the driver, the passenger was grazed by a bullet and is in the hospital and is alert, according to police.

Police said they believe the shooting is narcotics related. Police said the car has bullet-holes of two calibers and they suspect there was more than one shooter.

"My dog, when she hears fireworks, she usually gets excited," said neighbor Sharman Douglas. "At this time she was going crazy. By the time I got to the window I saw people, the activity and a guy holding his head saying 'Oh my God, call the police'. So I called 911."

"This is a dead street, said neighbor Dee Johnson. It's quiet, nothing ever goes on around here, Nothing!"

In 2013, at the same address, there was another deadly shooting where a man and woman were shot. The man did not survive. Neighbors said the home is occupied by different people now. Police said it is too early to conclude whether or not the two incidents are related.

While at the scene, Friday night, gunshots were heard by FOX61 coming from streets away. Hartford Police Deputy Chief Brian Foley said it was picked up on shot-spotter, officers responded and found shell casings. Police said nobody was injured.

"We have seen an increase in shots fired in this very specific neighborhood as a result tonight we staffed the Blue Hills Neighborhood, this neighborhood here, with extra uniformed officers hired in on overtime for exactly this purpose and they were the first officers on scene here,"  Foley said. "Even with the extra uniformed presence in the neighborhood, it was of no significance, unfortunately, for this ."

The Hartford Fire Department and Department of Public Works were also on scene because there was gas leaking from the car.

Police are still looking for the people responsible.