Help for Puerto Rico comes from Main St. New Britain

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NEW BRITAIN -- Hurricane Maria has left Puerto Rico paralyzed but there is help at home -- right on Main Street in New Britain.

On Monday, the entrance to City Hall was full of supplies bound for Puerto Rico. Mayor Erin Stewart, the Puerto Rican Society of New Britain, and community members all gathered the goods to help relief efforts for the island hit so hard by the Category 4 storm.

"We have a large Puerto Rican population here and many people still haven't heard from their family members," said Mayor Erin Stewart as packs or water bottles piled up and non-perishable goods were dropped off right in front of her office building.

Felicita Ramos, the vice president of the Puerto Rican Society of New Britain said her homeland is in need of whatever people are willing to donate.

"Every little bit helps," Ramos said, "we have to be patient and calm and pray to God that this situation will be fixed."

Donations and supplies for the Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico Relief Fund going forward can be dropped off at the Puerto Rican Society of New Britain at152 High Street.