How to talk to your kids about NFL protesters

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Dr. Laura Saunders  has these tips to turn this into a lesson than to dictate a position to your children.


  • How to convey your family values to your children while giving them the opportunity to form their own opinion?
  • Respect – Respect the decisions of others
  • For some this is a form of protest against our president.   Is it okay to go against what our president is saying?


  • Create the opportunity to discuss our freedoms and the First Amendment.
  • Taking another’s perspective:  we believe it’s best to do X but why would someone else see it differently?
  • Are NFL players role models?  For their athleticism or other reasons?
  • Words have meaning.  The President said some words and some people are reacting against it.  Even though there are First amendment freedoms, we still need to take care with our words and actions.


  • For many of the NFL players who are African-American, they feel this is about solidarity.
  • Many minorities feel disrespected and this is a way to show their discontent.