Fundraiser held for little boy with rare brain disorder

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UNCASVILLE - The two and a half-year old Brody Osga from Griswold has been melting hearts since he was born.

He was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called Chiari Malformation Type 3. Since birth, Brody has endured countless surgeries and have spent months away from home.

"When he's in the sun, it's like ... think about taking a lighter to yourself and he gets these huge blisters all over his body," said Julia Rubin, Brody's mother.

His parents, Julia Rubin and John Osga recently decided they no longer want Brody to spend all his time at the hospital. Instead, they want to care for him at home.

"My son comes first and that's what I want to do is make sure he can stay home with us. I don't want him to go to the hospitals all the time. We can just get somewhere safe for him to get the hoyer lift, a nice shower and rub," said John Osga, Brody's father.

Julia and John have been in the midst of transforming their two-car garage into an ADA compliant bedroom, but it requires expensive medical equipment and their insurance can only cover so much.

On Tuesday night, a fundraiser was held at the Golden Palace Restaurant to help raise money for Brody's new bedroom.

There was food, raffles, a DJ and an overwhelming amount of support. The Osga's said they did not want to put their troubles out to the public, but knew it was the only way to keep their Brody home.

"He's the love of my life," added John Osga.

The family aimed to raise up to $20,000 at the fundraiser.

Check out Brody's Facebook page for more information.

Click here for details about Preston-based non-profit Save the Kid.

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