Puerto Rican bakery in Waterbury, using bread to benefit homeland

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WATERBURY -- A popular business in the Puerto Rican community is working to help those suffering the effects of Hurricane Maria on their island homeland.

"Bread From Heaven" which has three locations in East Hartford, New Britain, and Waterbury, is using their popularity in Central Connecticut to gather relief supplies for the multitudes who have lost so much in Puerto Rico.

"Puerto Ricans know this store," said Ruben Rodriguez, one of the owners of Bread From Heaven. "Bring whatever you can to this store, that's one of the things we can do."

Already, two box trucks have been filled with supplies for the relief effort; water, diapers, and non-perishable food items.

Joshua Woods, a partner at Bread From Heaven, said "we want to raise awareness and send as much money as we can."

Roxy Cruz, a baker at Bread From Heaven who has yet to contact her family in Puerto Rico a week after the storm said, "we just want people to be together as one, not just Puerto Rican people, the nation."