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Republican leaders speak out on the latest stage of the state budget stalemate

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HAMDEN — There will be two events happening in Connecticut on Wednesday – one supporting the GOP budget and the other opposing it, as the countdown continues to October where cities and towns across Connecticut wait to see if a budget get signed.

Republican lawmakers held a press conference at the Keefe Community Center in Hamden at 10:45 a.m. urging Governor Dannel Malloy to sign the state budget approved by the state legislature.

On the other side, an event kicks off at 11 a.m. at the State Capitol where students and faculty from the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities System will be calling on the Governor not to sign the budget, so they don’t face massive cuts.

On Monday, Democratic and Republican leadership met with the Governor at the State Capitol. It was the first bi-partisan talks since the Democratically-controlled House and Senate passed a Republican budget.

At this point it is highly unlikely that a compromise budget will be passed this week. The question now on the table for the leaders of the state, is what happens when October 1 rolls around?

Governor Malloy, who hasn’t received the budget yet, says he will still veto it, sending the process back to the beginning.

The expected veto just days before October put towns, municipalities, and especially school districts, in a precarious position of not knowing what their funding will be.

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