West Haven mother using death of family members as a chance to bring awareness to domestic violence

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WATERBURY --  A West Haven mother, who has had to cope with two daughters and a granddaughter being murdered, was back in court today, seeking justice in the most recent murder, which took place in Waterbury on August 18.

Now, Martin is using the voids left in her family has an opportunity.

In 2013, Corrinna Martin had one daughter murdered and dismembered. Then, on August 18, another daughter and a 9-year-old granddaughter were shot to death in their apartment by the mother's boyfriend

Corrinna Martin said it's more important than ever to advocate for victims of domestic and dating violence. So, she's pushing hard for a national violent offenders registry.

"For a combined or collaborative network of all the information on a particular person that is public knowledge," said Martin.

All the information would be on one site.

"Once you put the persons name in, you can see," said Martin. "It's like doing a background check only you don't have to pay for it. "

And, like with the sex offenders registry, Martin said you would know if sex offenders are living in your neighborhood.

"There can be alerts to these persons. It's a monitoring system. And it's a tell all system."

Both, Jermaine Richards, convicted of killing his girlfriend Allyssiah Wiley, and Anthony Rutherford, accused of murdering his girlfriend Nequea Brodie and her 9 year old daughter, My'Jaeaha Richardson, have a history of violent offenses.

"Everything that they have gone to court for again, this is all public knowledge and would pop up under their name," said Martin.

Advocates for Desmond's Law, which gives dogs and cats a voice in court, were on hand to offer their support to Martin, who noted there really is a correlation between human and pet abuse.

"They can start with the animals and then see that they can get away with the animals and like that feeling that they have the power over the animals," Martin said.

Corrinna Martin is looking for the public's support for her initiative.  The following is a link to her change.org petition, which is titled "National Violent Offenders Registry petition."

The jury election pretrial date is set for November 30.