6 Puerto Rican sisters in CT ask for help towards their mother’s nursing home in Villalba

NEW BRITAIN – Six Puerto Rican sisters in Connecticut are desperately asking for the public’s help. Their mom owns a nursing home in Puerto Rico and it has been nothing but a nightmare for her and her elderly patients since Hurricane Maria hit.

Their mom, Carmen Vasquez, 49 of Villalba, Puerto Rico, has owned the nursing home for several years. In fact, nursing has been passed down from generation to the next in their family. Unfortunately, the nursing home was not able to handle two strong hurricanes in a row. They are now running out of medical supplies to keep everyone alive.

Carmen’s daughters describe her as the tree trunk of the family – a strong, independent woman who has always been a problem solver.

For the first time, Carmen reached out to her six daughters for help.

“There’s patients in there that are dialysis that are on oxygen, feeding tubes and they haven’t been able to get the proper means because there’s no light,” said Isannette Santos of New Britain.

They have not heard from their mother in over a week and their last communication was a short cell phone video where she said, “We have to sleep on the floor. It has not been easy for me. I love you.”

The last phone call they got from their mom was on Monday but it only lasted for a few seconds.

“I feel really happy to have finally have heard from her but at the same time, I felt … or I should say, I feel helpless,” said Neysha Tarrats of New Britain.

As FOX 61 was about to start the interview, their phone rang and in that moment, emotions took over.

Their mom said she desperately needs money to fuel the generator to be able to care for her patients. She added people have been shooting and killing each other over gas since everyone waits for two to eight hours in line.

“It wouldn’t only be helping her. It would be helping the elders. Veterans who have served for the United States,” added Tarrats.

The family now has a plea for help. “Anything makes a difference. The difference starts with me,” added Santos.

If you would like to help the family out, you may click on their GoFundMe page here.

You may also donate through their drop off location at the family’s business located at:

They are open seven days a week.

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