Going out in style, Cheshire barber shop is closing

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CHESHIRE -- They're calling it the end of an era in Cheshire and after more than a half century of haircuts, that would be accurate.

Norm's Barber Shop has been a fixture in Cheshire for 57 years. Norm Bournival, a fixture in town,  opened up shop in 1960 and after he died eight years ago, his wife Jill continued to keep the shop afloat -- she has been cutting hair there for 32 years. "I love doing this, there are so many memories," Jill said, "it's just time, I can't do it anymore."

Bournival said health issues including a number of back surgeries have slowed her down and called the closing "bittersweet."

"It's absolutely the end of an era," she added.

Anne Dunn, who has cut hair alongside Jill for 20 years said, "it's just a wonderful place, we have great customers, they know us and we know them." Bill Keeley, from Cheshire, got his final haircut from Jill at the shop on Thursday, "we talk about a lot of things, politics , which I will miss."

Jill Bournival said the final day of business at Norm's will be on Saturday. In the coming months she said she will move to Tennessee. "Norm loved doing this and I do too," she added.