Eversource claims responsibility for Berlin oil leak

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BERLIN– Eversource has claimed responsibility of an oil leak that was leaking into Belcher Brook on Monday morning.

DEEP emergency response unit said they have been working tirelessly since 5 p.m.of last Friday to clean up the mess.  The oil was leaking from an old abandon natural gas line on Toll Gate Road between Orchard Road and Saw Mill Drive. Officials have been concerned since Belcher Brook leads out into Silver lake.

The oil, which is a byproduct of the natural gas, could have been leaking since September 27 due to police receiving calls of an oily smell coming from the road. The natural gas line dates back to before 1960’s. DEEP could not verify the exact age of the pipe but said it could have been built in the 1940’s.  The age of the pipe is a concern to officials because it does not meet newer environmental laws.

The hazardous chemical PCB has been confirmed in the oil.  It was banned in 1979 due to fears that it would have an unintended impact of people and the environment.

EPA officials are also on scene to test the local wells for any hazardous materials.

Since Eversource is taking full responsibility for the leak, they will also be taking on the tremendous financial burden that comes with the clean.

Along with the budget impasse, this could have been yet another financial disaster for the State of Connecticut.

As of Monday, no one has said to be impacted from the leak.  Officials cannot say how much oil was leaked.

DEEP response unit has said that the cleanup will take a long time and they will continue to work until the area is totally clean.

Eversource has not released an official statement at this time.